Luxury Console Dog Car Seat - Small SN-27569
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Made With Elegant Micro Suede - Let your Pet Ride in Style and Comfort!


  •    7" H X 9" W X 15" L - Pets up to 7 pounds
  •    Zipper removable micro suede cover
  •    Connection strap included for the seat belt to join the harness
  •    Cover and interior are both machine washable
  •    Plush, comfortable and durable polyurethane foam

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Luxury Console Lookout 1s so unique it has a Patented Design. Available in luxury microfiber with accenting
cord. Also has a firm yet comfortable foam form. Comes with safety strap for securing your pet. The Luxury
Console pet car seat is made with an elegant micro suede cover so your pet is sure to enjoy their chic new
car seat.

Available in a variety of micro suede fabrics you are sure to find the perfect car seat to match any car. The
comfortable foam helps your pet ride safe and smooth while in your car or truck. The cover can be removed
for easy cleaning. Use the dog car seat in the house as a bed or in the car as a booster! There is a seat belt
slot for security and a connecting strap is included for the seat belt to join a harness.
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Luxury Console Dog Car Seat - Small

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