Pyramid Elevated Double Dog Feeder - Small RDB2
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  •    Size: 14" L x 6.5" W x 5" H
  •    1Quart Capacity
  •    Includes durable wrought iron stand
  •    Sturdy Construction
  •    Stainless steel bowls
  •    Rounded sides keep food and water centered
  •    Large bowl opening enable easy refilling
  •    Detachable bowls for easy cleaning
  •    No sharp edges

The Pyramid Elevated Double Dog Feeder is designed to provide the maximum level of comfort for your dog
during meal time.

Your dog will never have to hunch over and strain his back to eat again. The pyramid design provides a very
sturdy base to prevent your dog from knocking the feeder over and creating a mess.

Your dog will love this new elevated dog feeder when he gets to eat his food and drink his water at the
same time. The bowls are deep and have wide openings to reduce frequency of refilling.
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Pyramid Elevated Double Dog Feeder - Small